Family Building for Lesbians

Family Building for Women – Lesbian Couples and Single Women


At Cardone Reproductive Medicine and Infertility (CRMI), we proudly offer the following fertility options for lesbian couples and single women:

IUI A less invasive, low-tech insemination which uses anonymous or known donor sperm.

IVF A multi-step procedure that involves controlled and monitored ovarian stimulation with hormonal medications, an egg retrieval, fertilization of the eggs with sperm in the laboratory; and finally an embryo transfer back into the uterus.

Donor Sperm: via a combination of ovulation induction with oral medications and two precisely timed donor inseminations.

PAR Partner Assisted Reproduction (PAR) ensures both partners have a biological relationship to a child.
One partner provides the egg, which is fertilized with anonymous or known donor sperm outside the body – and the resultant embryo(s) is transferred into the other partner who then becomes pregnant.

We also offer reciprocal IVF, where one partner provides the eggs and the other carries the baby. The women may or may not have infertility, but this procedure gives both of them the opportunity to share in the family building experience.

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If Infertility is Found

Most female same-sex or single prospective parents will not have an infertility problem. However, the screening process or a series of unsuccessful intrauterine inseminations might reveal a previously unknown infertility issue that could necessitate using IVF or donor eggs in addition to donor sperm.