Get a Second Opinion

Giving Patients with Challenging Fertility Issues a Second (or Third) Chance

Looking for a second opinion? Have you been told you are a poor responder or have unexplained infertility? Have you undergone previously unsuccessful treatment, but don’t feel ready to give up on your dreams?

At Cardone Reproductive Medicine and Infertility, we will give you the second chance to explore all your alternatives for getting pregnant and having a baby. Because we are more focused on our patients than statistics, we often treat those who have challenging diagnoses and a history of unsuccessful care. We have had vast experience with patients who were told they had no chance of conceiving even with treatment. Though there is no guarantee our customized fertility plans may result in a different outcome, we will be truthful with you about your potential.

First, we will carefully review your medical records from previous treatment cycles to see if we can successfully modify your care or try a different approach. Then, we will set realistic goals with you for pursuing treatment based on medical, emotional and financial considerations. If we feel a third party – an egg or sperm donor or gestational carrier – is your best option, then we will help you pursue this path.