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  • Happy Valentine's Day

    Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! There is a lot of good material on the Web about how infertility patients should celebrate the day. Remember, you're in your baby making journey because of love  -- love as a couple, if you are part of one; love for your future child or children; and self love, which is so important if you want to fulfill the other two types of loves.

  • Is the Thought of Halloween Frightening You?

    For many, the start of the Halloween extravaganza signals the beginning of the official holiday season. Remember, when it began the day after Thanksgiving? But as consumers spend more of their hard-earned money on Halloween decorations and paraphernalia, we have to accept the fact that the bombardment of family-oriented messages is upon us now.

  • It's National Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Awareness Month

    September is officially designated as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) Awareness Month. Many of the patients we see at Cardone Reproductive Medicine and Infertility have PCOS, a condition that is characterized by irregular periods and ovulation, weight gain, excessive hair growth, acne and multiple ovarian cysts as seen on an ultrasound. Higher percentages of this condition are found in African-American females (8%) and Latinas (13%) than among Caucasians (4.8%).

  • Happy Valentine's Day!

    Happy Post-Valentine's Day to Everyone! Postscript: Valentine's Day has come and gone, to the relief of many. But this is still valuable advice.

  • The Unsung Heroes of Surrogacy

    When most people think of surrogacy, they focus on the intended parents and the surrogates, the women who selflessly chose to carry another family's child. But it is also important to remember the men behind the women who become surrogates. These husbands and partners also should be recognized for supporting their spouses during the surrogacy process.