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Father's Day Round-up

Father's Day Round-up

Okay, we know that Father's Day probably does not pack the same emotional punch as Mother's Day does for women. We also realize that men don't process or communicate their emotions like women do either. But that does not mean that your husband or partner won't be feeling off kilter this weekend when his friends, brothers or colleagues are celebrating the day with their families. Come Monday, maybe he will feel bad about being the only one in the office without a new coffee mug or new tie. He may not say that out loud, but you as his more emotionally attuned spouse can sense it. So your support and understanding are needed more than ever.

Once again, fertility support organizations and bloggers have come to rescue with their insight, as well as suggestions about how to support all the Someday Dads who can't wait for the day when they too will be the recipient of the "World's Great Dad" mug.

  • Keiko Zoll: Feeling Forgotten on Father's Day

  • Marc Sedaka, author of What He Can Expect When She's Not Expecting: Happy Father-To-Be Day

  • Greg Wolfe, author of How to Make Love to a Plastic Cup: A Father's Day Wish

  • Davina Fankhauser, president of Fertility Within Reach: The Power of Men

  • Lori Shandle-Fox, author of Laughing is Conceivable: Father's Day Blog Bounce Around

Lori has compiled special Father's Day blogs from some of the infertility community's most insightful bloggers and advocates, including Helen Adrienne of Mind-Body-Unity; Erica Walther Schlaefer of Parenthood for Me; Fran Meadows, author of Secret Infertility Hope; and Carole Wegner, Ph.D., blogger for the Fertility Lab Insider, to name a few.

Happy reading, everyone!

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