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Cardone & Associates Reproductive Medicine & Infertility, LLC

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International Egg Donation and Surrogacy Specialists for Same Sex Couples

If You Have the Will, We Have the Ways for You to Become Parents

Egg Donation and Surrogacy

Gay men who wish to become biological parents can achieve their dreams by using an egg donor and gestational carrier/ surrogate with in vitro fertilization.

Cardone Reproductive Medicine and Infertility (CRMI) works with several established egg donation and surrogacy agencies, many of which offer both services. The agency will recruit and screen both the donor and the surrogate. Then CRMI will medically and psychologically evaluate the donor, surrogate and intended parents. We also will closely coordinate all medical aspects with the agency and/or lawyer who contracts with the donor and surrogate. It is a complex process with which we have much successful experience. Occasionally a male factor infertility problem is discovered; either the other partner’s sperm can be used or advanced male infertility techniques, such as intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) for an abnormal sperm count, is utilized, if appropriate.

Egg donation and surrogacy is a self-pay service. Our financial coordinator will work with you to explore financing options, if necessary.

Success Rates
Because you will be using an egg donor, your chances of success are very promising. Dr. Cardone has been instrumental in perfecting egg donation and surrogate protocols, having headed the team that achieved the first egg donation pregnancy in New England, which also was among the first in the United States. We’ve had excellent success in achieving pregnancy with donors between the ages of 21 and 29.  Subject to testing and physician approval, we may approve known donors who are older than 29.  Often there are remaining frozen embryos that can be used in subsequent attempts if the fresh cycle fails or you want more children. We also carefully screen potential surrogates (gestational carriers) to ensure there are no pre-existing conditions that prevent them from successfully carrying a pregnancy.

Treating Overseas Prospective Parents

Whether you are seeking treatment in the U.S. because you want to find the best and most advanced reproductive medical care available or because of legal restrictions in your own country, Cardone Reproductive Medicine and Infertility (CRMI) is uniquely qualified to help you fulfill your dream of a family. The staff at CRMI has extensive experience in working with international patients. Dr. Cardone is fluent in French and Italian, as well as in Spanish. He understands cultural differences that may be important in treating you. Our egg donor coordinator is a native French speaker.

Other staff members are well versed in the special needs of patients living outside the country regarding coordinating cycles and communicating with non-U.S. physicians. We can help you make arrangements for accommodations while in the Boston area. Our facility is located in Stoneham, MA, a 20-minute drive from Boston, the hub of the New England region.

About Our Practice

Led by Vito Cardone, M.D., one of the most experienced fertility doctors in North America, our clinical and administrative team members have dedicated their careers to helping those who need to build their families with the assistance of reproductive medicine.

Patients will have the opportunity to become acquainted with most of our staff members. You will feel like you are among family in our warm and friendly office environment. Everyone will know your name and be involved in some aspect of your care. You enter our doors as a prospective patient, but leave as someone we care about and whose dreams we share.

Vito Cardone, M.D., Medical Director
Dr. Vito Cardone is a pioneer in the infertility and gestational carrier (surrogacy) field in the U.S. and Canada. He received his medical degree from Laval University in Quebec and completed his residency in obstetrics and gynecology at McGill University.

For over three decades, Dr. Cardone has been exploring and perfecting the art and science of assisted reproductive medicine. During this period, he has performed IVF and related procedures while founding three successful fertility clinics in the United States. His career is highlighted by several firsts in infertility medicine, including two in New England: heading the team that achieved the first donor egg pregnancy. as well as the first birth following an epididymal aspiration with IVF.

Daniele Cardone, RN, BSN, Egg Donor & Gestational Carrier Program Coordinator
Daniele has worked with Dr. Cardone during the past 20 years as a fertility nurse, clinical director and egg donation/gestational carrier program manager. She worked with Dr. Cardone as co-founder of the Montreal Fertility Institute, and then helped him establish an infertility practice at Atlanticare in Lynn, MA, as well as three private practices in the U.S. She holds a Canadian collegial diploma in health sciences and earned her bachelors degree in health sciences and nursing at Laval University.