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Cardone & Associates Reproductive Medicine & Infertility, LLC

Egg Donation & Surrogacy


Egg Donation, Sperm Donation & Surrogacy: Third Party Reproduction

A growing number of prospective parents need to collaborate with one or two other people – third parties - to become parents. The third party can be an egg or sperm donor who will provide the biologic /genetic materials if the intended parents are not able. It also can be a surrogate, known too as a gestational carrier, who will carry and deliver a non-genetic child for the would-be parents. Third party reproduction is the term used to characterize the range of these offerings. Third parties are not involved in raising the child. They will be compensated for their time and effort.  

Reasons for Needing Egg Donation and Surrogacy

Women need egg donors for a variety of reasons, such as premature ovarian failure, low ovarian reserve due to aging ovaries, or because they are the carrier of a genetically transmitted condition. Surrogates are needed when the intended mother cannot carry a child because of anatomical issues, previous IVF implantation failures or other medical reasons. Gay males will need both an egg donor and gestational carrier. Lesbians will need a sperm donor.

About Our Donor Egg and Gestational Surrogacy Program

The Donor Egg and Gestational Carrier Program at Cardone Reproductive Medicine and Infertility (CRMI) is a collaborative effort that combines our team of fertility experts with individuals and couples hoping to achieve their dream of building a family.

Since 1989, Dr. Cardone and his staff have proudly assisted patients in need of donor egg and gestational carrier services, offering cutting-edge technologies, outstanding success rates, referrals to a variety of highly-rated agencies – and compassionate care and guidance.

Our program offers a variety of services to help individuals and couples build a family.

Gestational Carrfier Success RatesThe most common include:

  • Donor Eggs
  • Frozen Donor Eggs
  • Donor Sperm
  • IVF with Gestational Carrier

Donor Egg Success Rates

Our success rates consistently rank among the best in the country, further solidifying our reputation as a pioneer in fertility treatments.

Donor Egg Program

A highly successful option for family building, donor egg cycles have a higher success rate than standard IVF cycles because they use the eggs of another woman in order to conceive. Patients can choose a donor they know or use an agency or frozen Donor eggs may be required for many reasons, including:

  • Age-related infertility
  • Poor quality eggs/embryos
  • Genetic abnormalities
  • Hormonal irregularities
  • LGBTQ family building

Locating an Egg or Sperm Donor

Patients can obtain eggs and sperm through one of several national-certified sperm banks, where donors are appropriately screened and the sperm is quarantined. These agencies have extensive listing of available donors, which gives the recipients a nice choice of characteristics to choose from.
At CRMI, we work with many reputable agencies and will help you to locate a resource that meets your needs.

LGBTQ Treatment Options

We offer an array of fertility options for the gay, lesbian and transgender communities, including donor egg, donor sperm, and gestational carrier services. We also provide referrals to reliable donor agencies and financing options to individuals and couples.

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